Vehicle Lockouts

We know that there are those times when you are so busy running errands and you end up getting locked out your car for some reason, our team can help you get back into your car. There are many reasons why you can be locked out of your car and whatever that reason may be, we will come prepared to get you back into your car so that you can carry on with your day. So whenever you are locked out of your car, get in contact with us for the best vehicle lockout service in the Grenville, NY area.
Tools Needed
We use a specific tool to extract keys that are jammed inside car doors. This tool can’t be used by anyone, It would have to be used by a professional who has experience using it else they might do more damage than good. We use a wedge and probe to remove the jammed key. Also, we want to let you know now that it is completely possible to remove the key and it’s possible to get you back into your car once you have been locked out in other ways.
Jammed Key Extraction
Is your key stuck in the door of your car? No need to worry. We can send one of our team members to your car as soon as possible to fix this for you. We have a special process that we do when removing a jammed key that we have learned and got even better at over our many years in the business. We suggest you only let professionals remove a jammed key, else you might damage your car. There’s nothing worse than getting a key jammed, so let us take away the stress and remove it for you in no time.
Faulty Locks
Here at Greenville Towing Pros, we understand the frustration of being locked out of your car. This is why we will assist our clients with getting back into their cars as soon as possible so that they can carry on with their day. A faulty key is not a problem for our team. A solution to this problem can be as simple as changing a battery in your car’s remotes. Whatever the problem is with your car locks, we will be able to come over and sort it all out for you.
Keys Locked Inside Your Car
Did you mistakenly lock your keys inside your car? Don’t worry, we can get them out for you. Give us a call and our team will be right over to sort this problem out for you. This way you can go on about your day without a worry. We care about your safety and want to make sure you aren’t locked outside of your car for long. We can imagine it could be quite scary being locked out of your car if you are alone or if it’s dark outside. We have numerous years of experience getting cars unlocked in this particular situation, so we are the right ones to call.