Dead Battery Jump Starts

Is your car not starting and you feel as though the fault could be coming from your car battery? A quick call to our customer care team can help sort that problem out for you. Our team will come over and charge your car battery for you so that you can get back on with your day. Our team is always prepared to come and help you with your car battery. we come prepared with all the right equipment as well as other equipment to help if it is not just your car battery that is the problem.
Battery Check
Before testing your battery there is a check that our team performs to ensure that your battery is getting the right charge. After we have charged your battery, our team checks to see whether the battery is still producing the correct amount of power. There could be something that is draining your battery when your key is off and resulting in your battery to be dead. If this is the case, our team will conduct all the necessary checks to make sure that this is not happening or to find out where the draw is coming from when your key is off.
Battery Replacement
Your car battery doesn’t last forever so there will be a time that your battery doesn’t charge, this is the sign that you need a new battery. When you call us for our Dead Battery Jump Start service, our team comes fully prepared with different size new batteries just in case your battery is needing to be replaced. Before the change is done, we do all of the necessary tests to make sure that you are not wasting your money on a new battery and definitely are needing a new one.
How to Charge
When it comes down to the task of charging your battery, our team takes all the precautionary measures needed in order to do it safely. It is very easy to shock yourself when charging your battery so it is safer to call us to do it for you. The placement of your vehicle’s battery varies on the make and model of the vehicle. To start off, make sure that all light, including the interior lights, are switched off. Make sure that the colors of the jumper lead match up with the color terminals of your battery. Connect the car battery or spare battery to your vehicle’s battery.
You may be in a rush to get to a meeting or to get back home and you are wondering how long this service will take. The time it takes to charge your car battery is not a time-consuming task. Once the jumper lead is connected, it should only be a matter of minutes until your car should switch back on. If your vehicle doesn’t start after five minutes, this is probably a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. If your car does switch back on, it is important to know that you should drive around for 15 minutes to fully charge your battery again.